Chairman Meow Encourages Kim Jong Un to Send Flowers

by Chairman Meow on January 20, 2014

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cat smelling a flower

kim jong un rosesChairman Meow provides Kim Jong Un with 20% off coupon for FTDSigmund Freud Chairman Meow once wisely said that, “Flowers are restful to look at. They have neither emotions nor conflicts.” Maybe that is why Great Teacher Meow is encouraging his students, including former pupil Kim Jong Un to send flowers to a loved one this Valentine’s Day.

He is also providing a coupon code for all of his followers that will give them an exclusive 20% discount at all year long, including for Valentine’s Day.

roses rocketsChairman Meow encourages Kim Jong Un to Send Flowers: Young Kim Jong Un needs some help with his international image, so maybe he should consider sending flowers to select people?

Besides sending some to wife Ri Sol-Ju, he could send a bouquet to (uncle) Jang Song Thaek’s kids with a note saying something like, “sorry that I fed your father to a pack of hungry dogs.” (Although pears are traditionally sent to resolve such a matter.)

Or, he could send roses to Dennis Rodman, thanking him for his latest visit, with a note like, “Thank you for your latest visit, Dennis. My aggressive nature has nothing to do with repressed homosexuality. Please accept these roses.”

Anyway, what Chairman Meow is trying to say is that flowers are a gift that makes humans happy, that can be sent for any occasion. (Maybe Kim will use this exclusive coupon to save an extra 20% store-wide on bouquets and plants for Valentine’s Day?) If they can help young Kim with his image, they can certainly work favorably for you as well.

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Laurie January 24, 2014 at 3:22 am

Very witty and wise, Chairman Meow. Repressed tendencies, indeed!

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