Weiner and Cummings Expect Tax Bill to Pass

by Chairman Meow on December 16, 2010

in cat news

fat cat money FOX News 12/16/10: Weiner and Cummings Expect Senate Tax Bill to Pass House read more

Iz this Senator Weiner?

Chairman Meow Says: first of all, I believe that children should not read a dirty headline such as this. In China a headline like this would surely be censored. Chairman Meow try to google more about Weiner and Cummings, and found unspeakable images from 1980’s adult video series of same name. Chairman Meow now wonders if Weiner and Cummings were also instrumental in passage of Stimulus Package?

In any event, back to Tax Bill. Chairman Meow has heard arguments of both sides, and has determined that either way, the kitteh will still be exempt from taxes. However, Chairman Meow did read that some humans are trying to tax “fat cats” at higher level. Chairman Meow not sure if this fair, but time for nap.

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