Cat Photo Gift Ideas + 4 Coupons for Digital Photo Printing Online

September 11, 2014
funny cat photo printing ideas

‘Tis the Season for photographing your cat – Now that Summer is over, the kids are back in school, and you have the opportunity […]

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Shutterfly: 40% Off Christmas In July Sale

July 27, 2014
shutterfly logo

Shutterfly: Christmas in July Sale – It’s that time of year again. Hot Summer days and the kids out of school means that people […]

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Cat Photos of the Day: Webstagram / Instagram

April 23, 2014
cat photo of the day webstagram

Approved cat propaganda on webstagram – With the invention of the inter-web, Chairman Meow finds it harder and harder to control what people see. […]

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Chairman Meow Encourages Kim Jong Un to Send Flowers

January 20, 2014

Chairman Meow provides Kim Jong Un with 20% off coupon for FTD: Sigmund Freud Chairman Meow once wisely said that, “Flowers are restful to look […]

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Reminder: Cats to Pay No Taxes; Walk around Naked in 2014

January 14, 2014

Cats still to pay no taxes in 2014: (not to be confused with the corporate “fat cats” who also avoid taxes) Just a friendly […]

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Cat Jumps on Cameraman’s Head in Canada; Chairman Meow Denies Involvement

November 20, 2013

Cat Jumps on Cameraman’s Head – A cat climbed up a cameraman and perched on his head while he was filming a story for […]

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